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A professional IT Solutions company delivering FAST, AFFORDABLE and RELIABLE solutions. Our expertise and combined years of professional experience from Web Design and Development to Network Setup are the solid foundations we were built upon. We provide SOLUTIONS not CONFUSIONS…

"With iPinas Consulting - we knew we made the right choice. They were there from the start until the system was implemented..."
Nerva Dela Cruz
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Giving you IT peace of mind.

We are iPinas Consulting, an IT Consulting Services established 2010. We might look young in terms of Company age, but we boast of our combined 50 years IT Consulting Services. We dedicate ourselves to helping businesses implement IT Solutions that is not only RELIABLE but also FAST and AFFORDABLE. We provide each client with an out-of-the-box perspective to help them decided thru our recommendations the BEST Solution to their IT woes.

Our mission is to develop and implement IT SOLUTION that’s CUSTOMIZED for your businesses, so you can STAND OUT from the rest.

We are here to help you ACHIEVE your goals!

Comprehensive IT Services Solutions

Web Development

Want to establish your Business PRESENCE on the web prominently? We’ve got the solution for you! From Web Development, Domain Registration, Site Hosting and SEO!

Software as Solution

Want to automate your business processes? We are here to help you Design, Develop and Deploy System Software that will maximize not just your productivity but also profitability.

Network Infrastructure

An effective Software Solution only become one if you have the Hardware to boost. Look no further, we implement modern technology that’s not just EFFICIENT but AFFORDABLE.

Building network that works

Knowing the basics about Networking is the first step in building a stable one.

Simplicity and functionality should be the guiding principles for designing an office network setup that meets the needs of your growing company. Remember that networking hardware that fits right now may not perform efficiently two or three years out. Outgrowing your hardware before it reaches obsolescence is generally thought of as a waste of time, money and productivity. Knowing the basics about networking hardware is the first step in planning for the appropriate purchase.

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We are located at the heart Manila, Capital of the Philippines

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Mobile : +63 939 34 31 051 / Landline : +63 2 8562 3473

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[email protected]

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